Wednesday, February 27, 2013

User Error

Since we've moved out of the apartment, I have made a greater effort to take better care of our stuff. I wasn't always as concerned if the washing machine broke or the carpets got a little bit dirty at the apartment. Hey, you could just call the maintenance man, and all would be healed. Yet, in my quest to be a good home owner, I have encountered a few "omg, I'm such a dodo" moments. It's not the houses fault. It's mine.

User Error #1:
I was baking fish one night, and I didn't have any foil. I put a piece of wax paper on the baking sheet instead. Wax paper is NOT the same as foil. If it weren't for that smoke alarm, I would have needed more than a maintenance man.

User Error #2:
The lamp in the bedroom blows the fuse. I call my dad. He told me to check the breaker box. I did... three times. My dad offers to come check the outlets. He drives from an hour away. "I thought you told me you checked the breaker box."

User Error #3:
The toilet is flushed. The toilet overflows. I discover Bailey's dog bed is soaking wet in the other room. It look me an hour to realize it wasn't dog pee. The toilet water had seeped through the wall.

User Error #4:
The day before going back to work from Christmas break and my car won't start. I call Kyle. He and his partner from work drive over to look at it. The car starts the first time... I leave my keys in the ignition and have a very hard time finding them the next day.

User Error #5:
A questionable smell is coming from the laundry room. I start to wipe out the front, rubber part of the washer and pull out a very slimy sock. I wondered where that thing had gone.

What am I going to do with myself?

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