Monday, January 31, 2011

... and now I love Mondays

What is not to like about Mondays? I feel 100% rested from the weekend, and Monday is the one day I feel ready to accomplish whatever needs to be done. By 5:15 this morning, Bailey had gone on her walk, the dishwasher was unloaded, my lunch was packed, and  I had taken a shower.... I just love checking things off the list this early in the morning (I know it's pathetic since those are the most minor things to worry about). Despite the fact that I was a teeny bit unsure what I was teaching this morning, I felt pumped and ready to go.
Since Kyle and I have been married, it has been a slow but sure process of getting our finances on the same page...closing bank accounts, opening bank accounts, name changes on credit cards, you get the picture. Well, today was what I predict to be one of the last days that we have to mess with any of that nonsense. So, not only did I wake up felling ready to embrace the day, I was able to continue checking some horribly annoying things off the list. Let's just say, if Kyle wants to change banks any time in the near future, it won't be pretty.
Today ended as perfectly as I had hoped. I was able to come home from coaching early to a sweet, sleepy Bailey and The Bachelor. It's the little things, ya know?
Here's to hoping Tuesday is as good as today... even though I know I am never quite as productive... 

Friday, January 28, 2011

Love Friday Nights

It would only seem obvious that our favorite days would fall on the weekend. We love nothing more than drinking coffee until 10 a.m., eating out, and hanging out with Bailey. In true form, we started off our Friday evening playing with Bailey... or should I say, Bailey playing with me...

Kyle thinks I am a dork, and I am.

So now, we wait for dinner to be delivered, Netflix is ready to go, and the pajamas are on. I don't mind lazy Friday nights one bit....

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Oh my! What an exhausting week! It went so fast, but every day was super busy. I left work on Friday feeling delirious from all the talking I did, and I am pretty pumped that on Monday the kiddos are taking a  test! This was our last week to teach the Middle East, and thankfully so... not the most fun topic.

Even though I felt like my week was busy, Kyle's was even more so. Kyle had to go to some CIC class for work (whatever that means... well, actually I do know what it means, but no need to describe it for you). I felt like we were back in college. Kyle was at class all day, and he had to study at night. Studying at night meant that Bailey and I crawled in bed a little bit earlier than usual so Kyle could have the apartment nice and quiet.

However, since the new year has started, I have felt so peaceful and happy. For one, Kyle and I have started waking up at the same time, and it has truly changed my mornings. It is so nice to talk and enjoy our coffee together before we head off to work... plus, Kyle isn't as talkative in the morning, so it is my turn to talk. :) If you know Kyle, then you know what I'm talking about. To date, my favorite morning conversation:

"Kyle, what are you thankful for this morning?"

"Well, Al, I'm thankful for you."

You gotta love him. I wasn't even fishing for compliments. :)

Also, Meghan and Steven took their engagement pictures last Monday, and the photographer sent them the images the other day. While I was looking through the pictures, I couldn't help but feel so overjoyed for them. The pictures are such a tangible reminder that their wedding is not that far away, and I just know how emotional and perfect their wedding day will be. It makes me tear up just thinking about it; I am so happy for them.

And the sweetest news of all, Josh and Anna found out they are having a baby boy. I think this is just perfect for them. Josh and Anna are seriously made for each other, and I know they will be the best parents. Their sweet golden retriever, Samson, was like a child to them, and if they treated Sam with that much affection, I can only image how they will treat their precious baby boy. I can't wait for baby Miles to come (isn't that just the CUTEST name)!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The New Year

If Kyle and my's new year's resolution was to get more active, we are definitely not starting off on the right foot. For New Year's we had the privilege to attend Emily and Jaime's wedding in College Station, and we had a great time catching up with some friends. However, for the past 48 hours, we have been completely worthless. I mean seriously lazy! Since we got back from College Station, we have been plastered to the couches, we ordered pizza (something we NEVER do.... I think we started a new bad habit), and watched too many Netflix movies. I guess you could say we are going into the new year well rested.

As for this little blessing, her new year's resolution is to stop barking at the tv. Once upon a time, we thought it was so cute that Bailey would bark at other dogs on tv, but now it is just aggravating. Not only does she bark at dogs, but she will bark and jump towards any dog, cat, hamster, robot, etcetera and/or any non-human thing either real or animated. We have tried squirting her with water, locking her up, and rewarding her when she is good, and all have things have fallen short. We love her to death, but for some reason she has a few bad habits that we will hopefully conquer in 2011.

Kyle and I were talking about what are goals are for 2011, and we couldn't help but reflect on how monumental 2010 was for our family. In 2010, we were married, my older sister got engaged, my little sister graduated from college, Lance got a new job, Erin and Wade got engaged, and my older brother and sister in-law found out they are going to have a baby. 2010 definitely stands out as one of my favorite years, and God is showing us that He will continue to bless us in 2011. Days to look forward to....

May 2011-little brother graduates high school
June 26, 2011- Meghan and Steven get married
July 19, 2011- Baby May is born
Not to mention the abundance of weddings we look forward to attending.

Happy New Year to you all!