Friday, April 29, 2011

Current Favorites

     When I was only 3, I had an addiction to a plastic, gold headband that I affectionately referred to as "my golden treasure." I would wear it all day, and at night, I would place it under my pillow. I remember the horrific day when it broke into two pieces, and my mom and dad had the hot glue gun out to try and cure my broken headband... and my broken heart.

     Well, all good things must come to an end. My golden treasure was eventually thrown away as two broken pieces turned into three, and my mom refused to let me leave the house with a headband that was held together with globs of hot glue and scotch tape.

   Now, my current favorite things will never compare to the significance of that precious headband. However, here is just a few frivolous favorites:

  1. Pralinutta- My sister, Jill, introduced this delicious concoction to me. It is basically Nutella, but it only costs $1.99 per jar, and it tastes pretty much the same. Guilty pleasure-eating a big spoonful after dinner for a little dessert. The swirl kind is the best.
     2. Anthropolgie dishtowels- First off, what is there not to like about Anthropolgie? My mom gave me the cutest wedding dishtowels from Anthro at one of my wedding showers. Since then, she has been giving me different dishtowels as gifts. The one below is one of my favorites because it looks exactly like Bailey down to the black eye and black lips.

      3. The Pink Panther- My favorite adult beverage-champagne and grapefruit juice. I first had this at Boom Boom Room in the Heights. They make their's with pink grapefruit juice. We served this at Meghan and Steven's couples shower with white grapefruit juice, and it is so tasty.

     4. Taking walks- The one horrible thing about living in an apartment with a dog is that any time they need to go outside, you're going with them. Although I still hate having to take her out all of the time, I have started to love taking walks after dinner. Bailey's new favorite place to go is on the top floor of our apartment parking garage. While she still has to stay on her leash, she gets to run around like a crazy dog. Plus, you can get a semi-decent view of our part of town.

    5. Reggae music- I never, ever thought I would say that I like reggae music, but it is true. Kyle created this awesome playlist of reggae music for our honeymoon, and now I am obsessed. One of my favorite reggae songs: "Love I" by The Green Band.

Now, I just asked Kyle what he thought are my current favorite things. He said the Oprah Winfrey Network and pretending I understand his insurance terminology. So true. Love him... Slightly surprised he didn't say pimento cheese. Haha.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Meghan and Steven's Couples Shower

My sister in-law, Anna, and I (plus our hubbys) have been planning Meghan and Steven's couples shower for a couple of months. Knowing that it had to be perfect for the perfectionist bride, we did our best to leave no stone unturned. All in all I think the shower was a great success! It it so neat to see the support from family and friends!

All of our boys... doing what they do best

Mom and sisters

Mom and Meghan
The bride and groom

Food table
The cake

Meghan and Kyle

Newlyweds Game hosted by me and Kyle
You get a question wrong... you get to play dress up :)
Finished product

The magician

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bailey's 1 Ring Circus

Upon buying Bailey, we thought we would be getting a dog that spent her days looking like this...

Instead, we have this...

Kyle spent the last half of the work week in Tampa for a business trip, so Bailey and I decided to learn a new trick. Gotta love her and her non-lazy self.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Tea Time

     Is there anything better that getting a pedicure with your sister, followed by lunch and shopping with your grandma and mom? I think not. This weekend started off picture perfect as my grandma came in town to attend Meghan's first bridal shower.

     Meghan's bridal shower was absolutely cute. The shower was a tea party, and guest's were encouraged to wear hats. It was such a fun way to celebrate Meghan and Steven, and it is always so nice to be surrounded with people that love you (or love your mom). Meghan was definitely shown some love today, and she deserves it.

Leaving for the tea
Granny and Connie came to join us

Grandma of the bride, the bride, and mother of the bride

The Groom and the Bride

The Bride and Groom's sisters and mothers

Mom and sisters

Anna and baby Miles!