Wednesday, February 27, 2013

User Error

Since we've moved out of the apartment, I have made a greater effort to take better care of our stuff. I wasn't always as concerned if the washing machine broke or the carpets got a little bit dirty at the apartment. Hey, you could just call the maintenance man, and all would be healed. Yet, in my quest to be a good home owner, I have encountered a few "omg, I'm such a dodo" moments. It's not the houses fault. It's mine.

User Error #1:
I was baking fish one night, and I didn't have any foil. I put a piece of wax paper on the baking sheet instead. Wax paper is NOT the same as foil. If it weren't for that smoke alarm, I would have needed more than a maintenance man.

User Error #2:
The lamp in the bedroom blows the fuse. I call my dad. He told me to check the breaker box. I did... three times. My dad offers to come check the outlets. He drives from an hour away. "I thought you told me you checked the breaker box."

User Error #3:
The toilet is flushed. The toilet overflows. I discover Bailey's dog bed is soaking wet in the other room. It look me an hour to realize it wasn't dog pee. The toilet water had seeped through the wall.

User Error #4:
The day before going back to work from Christmas break and my car won't start. I call Kyle. He and his partner from work drive over to look at it. The car starts the first time... I leave my keys in the ignition and have a very hard time finding them the next day.

User Error #5:
A questionable smell is coming from the laundry room. I start to wipe out the front, rubber part of the washer and pull out a very slimy sock. I wondered where that thing had gone.

What am I going to do with myself?

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Middle School Valentine's

Valentine's Day really does hold a special place in my heart. Kyle and I first starting dating near Valentine's Day, and four years ago, we brought home our sweet, little Bailey. But, from the perspective of a middle school teacher, Valentine's Day is a whole new ballgame.

Before the school day had officially begun, a mob of preteens stood in line in the cafeteria to buy $1 carnations for their boyfriend/girlfriend/themselves. (Don't you remember those days well? Young love). By the time the first bell of the day rang, most of students had already eaten at least one piece of candy. And, once the bell to dismiss first period finally came, I thought to myself, "Is this day really just beginning?"

Valentine's Day in a middle school is simply a hormonal, sugar-filled, carnation-surplus kind of a day. Rules don't exist and being loud is the only option. Oh, and that emotional lesson I taught on fair-trade chocolate last week? Out the window. Those kids of mine had chocolate shoved in every free space of their pockets and backpacks.

I can usually tell when the day is almost over. The candy binge starts to slow down and the carnations are barely hanging on to the stem. And when the last bell of the day rings and I walk around my classroom picking up handfuls of candy wrappers, I let out a sigh of relief. I did it. I survived middle school Valentine's Day.

Monday, February 11, 2013


     I've been debating back and forth about deleting the blog. There are some things that I want to write about, but it seems too personal to share with the world. And, there are other topics that I think, "Who really wants to read this?" How many stories can I write about my dog?  Nevertheless, I'll keep it around for a little while longer.
     Since blogging last, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and almost Valentine's have come and gone.

Quick Recap:

  • Kyle and I hosted my family at our house for Thanksgiving. Josh and Meghan were going to their in-laws, and my mom's kitchen wasn't quite done from the flood. The meal was very scaled down compared to my mom's typical meal, but I was just impressed that I was able to cook some of her recipes. For the Schielack Thanksgiving, we went to Rockdale. The Aggies played Missouri the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so we did Thanksgiving at Granny's house the day after the game.
  • We went back to Rockdale for the Schielack Christmas. We were there a few days before Christmas, and we came back on Christmas Eve. Kyle and I went to the Christmas Eve service at our church, and it was the first Christmas Eve of my life to not sleep at my mom's house. Christmas morning with Kyle was my favorite memory from the holiday season. We woke up at our house. While I prepared the salad for my family's dinner later on in the day, Kyle drove over to Starbucks for holiday drinks and pastries. We proceeded to open gifts. There was something so comforting about spending the first part of Christmas morning together.We drove over to my mom and Gene's house around 10 a.m. and went through our normal Christmas traditions- stockings, gifts, breakfast. The only thing different was that Josh and Anna did a gender reveal for baby #2... another boy. He is due on Kyle's birthday.
  • New Year's is my least favorite holiday. So much hype and expectation. We went over to a friend's house party. Champagne and friends... New Year's in a nutshell.
  • And, while Valentine's is still 3 days away, Kyle and I have made reservations at a restaurant near our house. We have never done much on Valentine's. It always fell near our dating anniversary, so we would double up the anniversary/Valentine's celebration. Since Kyle's work schedule has been ridiculously busy, just dinner will suffice. We have both promised each other no gifts... aren't we romantic?

Random phone pics...

Bailey wrapped up like a burrito
Forcing Bailey to pose in front of the tree

Christmas lights on the house!

The cutest face ever

Sleepy dog

Kyle's obsession with Johnny Football youtube videos

Off to the Calf Scramble Badge Party

Okay... that's as good of an update as I've got! :)