Monday, May 16, 2011

The Countdown

     After going to church and running our usual Sunday errands, I crawled onto the couch with my rickety, old iBook G4. I turned on the remainder of the Royal Wedding that I had yet to watch, and peacefully sipped on iced tea. "Only 12 more days," I thought. Yes, 12 more days (school days that is), and your Facebook news feed will be infiltrated by statuses of rejoicing teachers as they celebrate the start of summer.
     This school year has flown by unlike any other. I attribute much of this to changes you inevitably face when you get married and move in together, but also to the continuing celebrations that my family is experiencing. Meghan has 2 wedding showers down and 2 to go. Plus, the bachelorette party is only weeks away. Throw in a pregnant sister in-law and a brother that is graduating from high school and soon moving to College can say we have been more that busy. However, with all of the busyness, we are extremely blessed. It is such a happy time for our family, and we welcome the excitement and special memories that come along with it all.
     So why I am looking forward to summer? My sweet older sister will be getting married. My older brother will become a father to baby Miles. My little brother will be moving out of the house. As for Jill and I? We will be there when those precious 3 need us.
     ...Only 12 more days.

My Siblings

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kyle!

Happy 26th birthday to my sweet Kyle! I love you more than you know!