Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball

    I was watching Paula Deen last week, and she made a chocolate chip cheese ball. Chocolate+cream cheese? Well, where could you go wrong?

Here's the link:

   I would say to nix the butter because I don't think it needs it. Also, I didn't make mine into a ball. I smoothed the mixture into a round, glass dish (it was actually a pie dish), and I sprinkled the walnuts on top. I also think it would be delicious to substitute the chocolate chips for Heath Bar bits which can be found right next to the chocolate chips at the grocery store.

     How can you feel bad for eating a dessert that you dip fruit into? ;)

Routine Shake-Up

     Like many people, I love having a routine. I like having a schedule and knowing exactly what I am doing and what to expect. (Good thing I'm a teacher... talk about groundhog's day). Thankfully, our lives are right back on schedule, and we know this because we are all caught up on our DVR. ;)

     Shake-up #1-Rodeo.This was Kyle's second year to volunteer for the Houston Rodeo, and in true Kyle form, he worked, in my opinion, more than enough hours. This was truly the start of our abnormal routine. Volunteer hours for Kyle's committee were around 5 p.m.-2:00 a.m. This translates to a very tired Kyle, a restless Allie, and cereal for dinner. The positives: Kyle loves volunteering for the rodeo, and I have a new found love for chocolate Cheerios.

    Shake-up #2- Spring Break. I know, poor me. However, it wasn't Spring Break that was tough, obviously, but my poor Bailey was/is sick. She kept siking me out, so I didn't take her to the vet until the end of the week. One day she was sick, the next day she would improve, and by Friday I wasn't buying it.  She ended up with 4 prescriptions, the occasional dose of Benadryl, and lots of medicated baths. She instantly began to feel better. Luck would have it, that only lasted a week. I foresee another visit to the vet.

     Shake-up #3- Daylight Savings. The time change happened at the beginning of Spring Break, but I didn't feel the effects of it until we went back to school. The alarm clock was not our friend, and bed time came a whole hour earlier last week.

   Now, we're feeling back in the groove. The apartment is cleaned, dinners have been cooked, and exercise is happening (or attempts at exercise). Best of all, we do not foresee anymore shake-ups. Next up-Meghan's bridal showers galore!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break and Dreaming of the Summer

This Spring Break has been precisely that- a break. Since I still live my life based on semesters, I am glad to say that this semester has been super fast, but it is still nice to take a little time off. My week has been consumed with wedding planning for Meghan, giving Bailey and myself lots of meds for allergies, and spending countless hours on

If I had to give a theme to my and Kyle's first 8 months of marriage, it would be routine. It took us only a few weeks to realize that there were good and bad times to ask each other to do the "unwanted" tasks. Who takes Bailey out in the mornings? Who takes out the trash? When is a good time to make Kyle watch a girlie movie? ... to name a few. And once we found our groove, the simple, everyday tasks and merging of our two lives was fun and so easy. And, accompanying our obsession with routine is advanced planning. This brings me back to

We have decided that every other year we would travel outside of the country. Since we travelled out of the country for our honeymoon, our summer plans include 3 days in Vegas followed by a weekend in Seattle. You must know, Kyle LOVES Vegas. He has been at least once a year since he turned 21, and he has been so anxious to take me there. Since Kyle is the ol' pro, I told him he could create our Vegas itinerary. (I come from a family of high maintenance and obsessively planned tourists). There are only 2 stipulations: Cirque du Soleil LOVE and Celine Dion. Isn't he an angel? Celine Dion? Bless him.... I only have a slight obsession with her, and I am so glad her show is back. Bonus- we are going on my 25th birthday! :)

Seattle? Kyle and his dad used to travel a lot when Kyle racewalked. (Yes, racewalking). Kyle always told me how much he loved Seattle. I instantly agreed, but I told him that I wanted to plan the Seattle portion. Now, if you haven't been on, you are missing out. It has to be the best travel website, so I have over indulged during my time off. I have spent hours and hours reading reviews about different hotels, restuarants, and attractions in Seattle. Is it sad that I have planned a trip that is four and half months away?

Since our vacation isn't until the end of summer, I am not going to wish my time away. Don't you know that teachers live for their summers off? (Feel free to roll your eyes). In the meantime, I will be making sure my sweet Bailey starts to feel better...

Bailey after getting a bath with her medicated soap. NOT her favorite thing to do.

Sleepy, medicated Bailey wearing her t-shirt b/c she keeps scratching her skin off. :(