Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Routine and the Future

     I have noticed that about the time October rolls around, a nice consistency has started to form. Granted, this was only our second October as a married couple, but still, there is such peace. It is so easy to get bogged down and tired from the work day. Seemingly, it takes a lot of will power to not want to become a permanent fixture on the couch once the work day is done. But, what makes our marriage fun are the times that come once we are both home from a long day at work.

     I generally get home from work 1-2 hours before Kyle. Within that time frame, I take Bailey on her "mini walk," work-out, prep dinner, and do a chore. I can't even think about sitting down on the couch, or I won't get up. And, without fail, the moment Kyle steps in the door from work, he goes into his "de-work" mode.

  Step 1: Say hi to wife and dog.
Step 2: Walk to side table. Empty pockets of business cards, cell phones, and wallet. Take off watch.
Step 3: Walk into bathroom/closet (loosen tie on the way there). Slip off shoes, hang up tie and suit. Put shirt in the cleaners bag. All the while, we recap our day while I sit in the computer chair nearby. 
Step 4: Put on workout clothes.
Step 5: "I'll be back."

    It seems that we rush through the "unfun" things so that we can get to spending our quality time together. We only have 4 hours together everyday, and we try to make them the most stress-free, fun, and happy hours. One of the things that I love about Kyle is that he is always planning for our future. I am a planner/worrier by nature, but Kyle takes those worries and uncertainties away from me. He wants to take care of me. Naturally, our evening conversations tend to gravitate towards talking about our future.

     Within the past 7 months, Kyle and I have joined a Sunday school class at our church... First Methodist-Westchase... you should come :). And even though Kyle and I have both grown up in church, we have really been challenged by the things we are learning together. You see, Kyle and I have such big plans, and we have had to really step back and evaluate the future we have said we want versus the future God has for us. To be completely honest, Kyle and I have struggled with the idea of owning a house. We want one. Now. However, God keeps telling us, "not yet, you two." Kyle and I have had countless conversations about when and where we will buy as well as why haven't we bought a house yet. It is hard for 2 people that want their lives mapped out perfectly to not be in control. So, we will wait, and wait on His timing. By accepting this, we know that owing a house won't make us any happier. We are very happy... and blessed already.

     What's wrong with our cozy, 900 square feet and evenings spent together on the couch? We don't need a house to do that... well, not yet anyway.