Monday, April 23, 2012

What's Up With the Schielacks?

Since I haven't written a thing in 2 months, let me give the quick version of an update. Here is a small glimpse of what I believe to be memorable happenings since February. Remember, memorable is a relative term...

We went to more rodeo performances than ever. Reba was the best!!

I had a wonderfully long visit with my childhood bestie, Sarah, over Spring Break.

Bailey went through another terrible season of allergies-lots of Benadryl, anti-itch cream, medicated baths, and extra snuggle time.

We attended Megan and Ryan's fabulously fun wedding in Austin.

Kyle went to the emergency room... and then again two days later- different reasons.

Our niece, Leighton, was baptized.

We bought Aggie football season tickets. Whoop!

I started planning our summer trip to Boston and New York.

We decided we were going to buy a house and just as quickly decided against it.

We babysat our nephew, Miles, for a whole day-by ourselves.

I read 5 books.

We watched season 1 of Mad Men.

We went to more concerts, happy hours, dinners, and social outing with friends than we have since college.

And, we have made plenty of time to do absolutely nothing... just the way we like it!