Monday, January 23, 2012

1036 Gets Married

Hey Marisa! This is for you!

There are no words to describe our shenanigans, so I'll let the pictures due the talking.

To 1036 and the Ranch.

The Whoop sign & Whoopi!!

Oh, boxed cake mix. 


The Schielack wedding

My beautiful roomie on her wedding day!

1036 is officially off the market! Whoop. :)

Whomp whomp

    I have had complete writer's block lately. Every time I feel like posting something, it always falls flat. I could come up with a thousand mediocre writing topics (much like you are reading right now), but I just couldn't justify writing full length posts that more or less went something like this:

- "So, if I tell Kyle how I excited I am that Fantasy Football is over, it might be the equivalent of telling him that Aggie football won't go 10-2 next year." Whomp whomp.

-"So, my life feels a little more normal now that Bachelor, Biggest Loser, American Idol, and Dance Moms are back on." Whomp whomp ... (oh wow, I just admitted that I watched all of those shows)!

-"So, have you seen this recipe on Pinterest? Well, let me tell you..." Whomp whomp.

-"So, only 9 more weeks until Spring Break!" Whomp whomp.

-"So, the other day Bailey ..." Whomp whomp.

-"So, I learned how to hem pants." Whomp whomp.

-"So, teaching 6th graders the importance of the Suez Canal is like trying to convince me that working in the summer sounds like a good idea." Whomp whomp.

-"So yeah, that cruise ship wreck freaked me out." Whomp whomp.

-"So, another one of my friends is pregnant/getting married." Whomp whomp.

-"So, this one time at band camp." Whomp whomp.

Yep folks! I guess that is just a sign that my life is just a little boring right now... and that is exactly how I prefer it.

Now if you could excuse me, I have a show to watch.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Bailey is 3!

     It's not everyday that your doggy turns 3, and it's not everyday that the average person celebrates their dog's birthday. Well, judge me all you want, but the Schielacks made sure that their precious little bulldog had a special little birthday celebration.


Family pic

Bailey loves Kyle!

Time for a little McDonald's icecream

Trying to get some of my ice cream

We love you Bailey! Happy 3rd birthday!!