Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Kind of Weekend...

     These are the kind of weekends that I look forward to the most. Besides Kyle's work barbecue on Saturday, we didn't have to be anywhere, and there were no plans. Kyle recently moved in to a new office at work, so we had thought that we would go up to his office on Friday night. A few things needed arranging and cleaning, and we are the kind of people that would find that to be an exciting Friday night. Well, I came home from work in a very "it's Friday!!" kind of mood. I walked in to the house and saw our new Christmas tree just sitting there, and I couldn't convince myself that it shouldn't be taken out of the box despite the November 9th date on the calendar.

    After assembling the tree and fluffing the branches for over an hour, I decided that I was indeed in the Christmas spirit. I started harassing Kyle to come home from work and suggested that we head up to the Nutcracker Market. Well, what would guess? Kyle said that sounded like a good idea, and he needed to see what this Nutcracker Market was all about. Next to shopping with my mom and sisters, nothing is better than shopping with your hubby -what a fun Friday night with my Kyle.

     Saturday morning we slept in, or at least I did. As long as an alarm clock doesn't wake you up, I consider it sleeping in. Kyle was up at 6:15 a.m., and he attributed his early rise to the momentous Aggie game that awaited. We lounged around the house until it came time to get ready for his work barbecue. The barbecue started at 3:00, but Kyle told everyone that he would only be there if we could show up at 2:30 and a t.v. would be playing the A&M/Bama game. As we all know, the game was worth watching (if you are an Aggie fan, that is). We might have been the worst guests at the party because by the time we walked out of the house after the game was over, all the other barbecue attendees were leaving. We didn't care though. We left with big, goofy grins on our faces. Our Ags had pulled out the greatest victory ever!

    And, on Sunday, we went to Sunday school and finished our study of Daniel, went to worship service, and enjoyed a lunch out at Corner Bakery. We made our way over to Cavendars to pick out a few Christmas presents for Kyle since he is on Calf Scramble this year. And now, I am listening to RedZone, doing laundry, and aimlessly browsing Etsy.  Now, this is my kind of weekend.

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