Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bailey's Exaggerated Facebook Life

     We all have those friends who exaggerate their life on Facebook. Incessant posts about how "wonderful" their life is and the bounty of Instagram pictures to "prove" it. Of course, we know that exaggerator-Facebook-person would never tell us the dirty details of their life, so we just go on assuming that exaggerator-Facebook-person's life really is that wonderful.  Well, today, as I took a picture of my sweet bulldog curled up in a chair, I realized that I was at fault for the very thing I accuse exaggerator-Facebook-person.
     You see, when Bailey is lying down or asleep, I can't help but take a picture of that snuggly, wrinkled face. I am like a mother watching her baby sleep. However, like most mothers, I just pray that my oohing and aahing doesn't wake the monster "baby". Believe me, Bailey is a sweet dog, but you won't catch me tagging pictures of her peeing on the bed or barking like a rabid dog at the t.v. Oh no, who would want to see that?
     Not only have I become exaggerator-Facebook-person when it comes to the aforementioned "sweet bulldog," Bailey's been stringing me along as well. Bailey pretends she can't understand a word I say to her when it goes against her desires. 

Allie: "Bailey, off the couch... Bailey, drop the ball...Bailey, sit... Bailey, lay... Bailey stay... Bailey, no!"

Bailey: "la, la, la.... I can't hear you."

But then, say the magic words...

Allie: "Want to eat?... Want to go on a walk? ... Ready for bed?... Want a treat? (oh, you sit if there's a treat in my hand, huh?)"

Bailey: "Sucker."

Isn't it amazing that she knows the latter phrases but not the ones that would help me out a little? Well, Bailey, you don't fool me... you just sucker me in every time. And, I'm pretty sure there's nothing I'm going to do about it.

The truth? I had to hold a treat above my phone to get her to look at me. :)

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